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Joint Ventures

Venture that redefines the skyline.

At Team Taurus, we know that the old-world charm defines a city’s soul, but it’s the new creation that redefines its character. Hence, we believe in designing and creating contemporary landmarks that inspire.

Throughout the ages, history has unveiled that evolution is in the nature of mankind. Humans have found their ‘joie de vivre’ by living in an environment that’s comfortable, advanced and contemporary.

Taking forward this very concept of evolution, we invite people for the development of projects through Joint Ventures and Joint Development. Team Taurus has taken it as one of its corporate mission not only from business point of view but as a social obligation of a responsible corporate citizen.

With a team of professionals, we aim to justify our venture. As we think that each developed project will be a culmination of professionalism, innovation, functionality and perfection, which simultaneously address the needs of the business and the customers. For us, the joint venture should be not just mutually beneficial but also set an example for the world to redefine the realty skyline of Kolkata.

Why Joint Venture?

Reasons to unlock the true worth of your property through joint venture:

  1. Appreciation of property is welcomed by most of us, which continues to happen for all the properties without going through the hardship of negotiating, selling and purchasing another property.
  2. According to experts, one is not subject to Capital Gain Tax, if one converts its property into apartments or offices and intends to occupy it for personal use and occupation.
  3. In case you need some upfront payment, the same can be arranged by the developer as a security deposit at the time of signing and executing of the development contract, which is not subjected to any kind of Capital or Income Tax.
  4. During the development and construction of the project over the property, the developer makes available an alternate accommodation for which you’re not liable to pay any tax. However, tax exemption is not available if the sale proceeds are used for an alternate accommodation.
  5. Enjoy exemption of any brokerage, legal charges, stamp duty or registration fees, etc. when you own and occupy the flats constructed on your own property.
  6. Most of all gain at least 1.5 times more the plain selling of your property.
  7. Get a friend for life
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